Boat Sheds

Boat Shed History

These heritage listed structures were originally built during the 1950’s as sheds to house dinghys and tenders for local residents. Nowadays they are mainly used for day time recreation and storage. They provide a distinctive, colourful and unique feature on the foreshore.


Boat Shed Permits

Although they are structures on Crown Land they are privately allocated to Permit holders who pay considerable amounts to purchase the right to occupy. The Permits are annually renewed on payment of yearly fees. Along with the right of occupancy the permit holders are responsible for maintaining the boat sheds in their heritage style.

The Committee is the sole managing body for the Boat sheds along the foreshore under its control, as per the authority given it by the Minister for the Environment pursuant to the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1958 and 1978.

The foreshore and the Boat shed sites are the property of the Crown. The Committee have the authority to issue a Permit for occupancy of a Boat shed subject to certain conditions, such as maintenance of the structure, good tenancy, and the payment of the annual fee set by the Committee. The Permit to occupy applies to the site of the boatshed and its deck (if present), not the surrounding area.

Boat sheds may not be extended, or altered, nor may the “footprint” of the structure including deck (if present) be enlarged. New connections of utilities are not permitted.

Permits may be transferred subject to approval by the Committee, passing an inspection test, and the payment of the required transfer fee which is 5% CIV of the sale price. Should fees remain unpaid or maintenance requirements be not met, the Permit may be deemed to have lapsed, may not be re issued or may be reallocated.

All asbestos roofs will be required to be replaced in the future. They are currently professionally removed and replaced if any damage is apparent, which is at the discretion of the Committee. An annual inspection is undertaken and any maintenance required must be completed by the nominated date.


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