Marine Mammal Foundation Dolphin Discovery at Camerons Bight Foreshore Campground in Blairgowrie

Did you know a new species of dolphin was discovered in Port Phillip Bay in 2011?
Inhabiting the inshore waters of southern and southeastern Australia, Tursiops australis, the Burrunan dolphin, was formally named and described as a new species in 2011.

The foreshore hold events during the year where you can meet the Marine Mammal Foundation team, and hear about our exciting research starring the incredible Burrunan dolphin. See real dolphin skulls, and listen to the echolocation sounds of these
amazing animals. get to know our individual Burrunan dolphins, how we can identify them, what they like to do and who they like to hang
out with!

Discover all about the ways in which we can care for these amazing animals who live in our own watery backyards, by following simple strategies and easy to do sustainable choices to reduce our litter and plastic use to make a positive difference! Learn how you can get involved and make a difference, and how we can all work together to protect our amazing Burrunan dolphins and their watery environment!

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