Project Newsletter 2 – June 2017

WhiteCliffs to Cameron’s Bight Foreshore Reserve Coastal Management Plan

Work has been progressing on the White Cliffs to Cameron’s Bight Foreshore Reserve Coastal Management Plan.

The Committee of Management are currently working through a preliminary draft plan to identify priorities for the next five years and management strategies for key issues into the future.

A draft vision and principles for management are being developed.

Key management issues to be addressed in the plan have been identified as:

  • Access to the foreshore including paths and tracks
  • Erosion, particularly erosion of the sand areas
  • Managing vegetation, encroachments and weeds to retain the natural environment in the area now and into the future
  • Maintenance and provision of facilities including toilets, seats, paths, bins, car parks
  • Camping on the foreshore in the future
  • Management of dogs on the beach and leash free areas
  • Maintenance and management of boatsheds, including the areas directly around boat sheds

It is expected that the draft Coastal Management Plan will be available for public input in early September 2017. This is an important component of the project and your input is encouraged.

The Coastal Management Plan is a long-term plan for the foreshore reserve which includes a business plan and prioritised actions.

Further information about the Coastal Management Plan is available on the Whitecliffs to Cameron’s Bight Committee of Management website

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input.

Belinda Ainley

Coastal & Environmental Planner

Ph: 0428 336 918